Finding a Licensed Care Provider


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If you are a parent facing one of the most daunting tasks of searching for someone to care for your precious child, know that you are not alone. Millions of families come to the reality of having to return to work or start a new job while raising a family, and since we live in a time where both parents are working and/or, the fact that a single parent has to provide for their child, searching for a qualified person to care for your children is eminent.

Aryanna’s Law was intended to educate parents about the quality of licensed childcare facilities and to give them piece of mind during their search for the very best caretaker for their child.

In addition to the required information licensed facilities must provide, the California Department of Social Services has valuable resources available to the public, including a Facility Search option for licensed facilities throughout California.

This site contains five years’ worth of information on facilities throughout California, to include, Foster Family Agencies, 24 Hour Residential Care for Families, Adult Residential and Daycare, Elderly Assisted Living, Child Care, and Home Care Organization.

You can search for any one of these facilities by facility type, name, address, zip code, or by the facility number. This search tool will provide all visits, complaints, citations, inspections, and complaint investigation reports for the past 5 years. You can also subscribe to receive e-mail notifications about one or more CDSS licensed facility anytime a change occurs.

If there is additional information you would like to request on any facility, including more details about any citations, you are directed to call the local Regional Office, which can be found under each facility listed.

CDSS has created this resource in an effort to help individuals and families learn more about a facility they might be considering.

For further information you can visit the California Department of Social Services website by clicking here.

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