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Assembly Bill 633 dubbed, “Aryanna’s Law”, was signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2006 and officially becameĀ California law in January of 2007.

This legislation intends to improve the transparency of licensing records and ensure that parents/guardians using a licensed childcare facility are aware of situations that present the greatest danger to children.

These situations include:

  • Serious health and safety violations resulting in type “A” citations;
  • Non-compliance conferences; and/or
  • Efforts by the Department to revoke a facility’s license.

Documents to be Made Accessible to the PublicĀ 

Each licensed childcare facility must make accessible to the public the following:

  • A copy of any licensing report pertaining to the facility that documents a facility visit, or a substantiated complaint investigation.
  • A conference with a local licensing agency management representative and licensee in which issues of noncompliance are discussed.
  • Any accusation indicating the department’s intent to revoke the facility’s license.


AB633 Fact Sheet

AB633 Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Parent Notification Requirements

Parent Notification Requirements (Spanish)

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